SkillsIQ Ltd recognises the delivery of quality training through our national Right Way accreditation program for trainers/assessors, training facilities and learning resources.

Right Way acknowledges professional trainers/assessors who maintain current industry knowledge by working in industry and taking part in professional development activities. It also recognises quality training and assessment facilities and training resources used across the service industries.

Industry involvement in Right Way

Industry involvement is vital to Right Way. The program uses the expertise of current industry practitioners, known as Industry Advisors, from each sector of the service industries to evaluate applications for accreditation. Their participation ensures that training that takes places under the Right Way logo meets the needs of industry.

Advantages for RTOs

As a Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) you can give yourself a competitive edge by having your facilities and trainers/assessors Right Way accredited. The benefits include:

  • Use of the Right Way logo to promote your facilities or trainers/assessors - a symbol of quality that gives industry, individual employers and potential students a reason to choose your training over other options.
  • Recognition that your graduates will be work ready because they’ve been trained and assessed in a facility that meets industry and training package requirements.
  • Recognition that your graduates are trained and assessed by trainers/assessors who have recent, relevant industry experience.
  • Input from industry specialists who provide constructive advice about how to improve your facilities and ensure your trainers/assessors continue to develop their skills.
  • Evidence for registration authorities that you have consulted with industry and have facilities, equipment and trainers/assessors that meet training package requirements.


1. What is Right Way?

Right Way is an industry recognised accreditation program which is run by SkillsIQ Ltd. Right Way recognises the provision of quality training in the service industries and is designed to promote best practice within service industry training.

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2. What can I be accredited for?

Right Way accreditation is available in the following areas:

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3. How much does Right Way accreditation cost?

Fees vary depending on the type of recognition and are reviewed annually. For more information see the area of accreditation you are intererested in.

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4. How long does Right Way accreditation last?

Initially Right Way accreditation was granted for three years, but from 1 January 2015 the accreditation period changed to two years. After the initial period of accreditation, it can be renewed for subsequent two year periods.  Applications for renewal must be lodged two months before the accreditation expires.

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5. What do I have to do to be part of Right Way?

Applicants to the Right Way program must adhere to the Right Way Standards and provide evidence of quality through an application and assessment process.

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6. What are the Right Way Standards?

The Right Way Standards are the benchmarks against which all decisions to grant industry accreditation are made.

The Right Way Standards outline the organisational and individual performance measures, which are based on industry requirements for quality and effective training and assessment.

The Right Way Standards are industry statements that describe best practice performance and the outcomes that Registered Training Organisation (RTOs), trainers and assessors and resource developers should achieve.

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7. How do I apply?

Applications for Right Way accreditation are available by request. Please visit the Right Way Portal to make a request.

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8. Who can help me if I don’t understand a question?

Our team can provide advice about the type of evidence you need to support your application. Please call 02 8243 1200 and ask to speak to someone about Right Way or email enquiries@skillsiq.com.au.

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9. Who will assess my application?

We appoint a service industry practitioner, known as an Industry Advisor, to assess each application for Right Way accreditation. Industry advisors have up-to-date industry knowledge, expertise in current operational practice and knowledge of the equipment and resources that are currently used in the workplace.

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10. What happens after my application is assessed?

The Right Way team will advise you in writing of the outcome of a Right Way application.

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11. Can I appeal a decision?

If your application for Right Way accreditation is not successful, you can invoke the appeals process.

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12. How do I renew my trainer and assessor accreditation?

The Right Way program aims to build the capability of trainers and assessors who work in the service industries. Maintaining status as a Right Way trainer and assessor is dependent on your participation in professional development activities that:

  • enhance your training and assessment skills
  • update your skills in and knowledge of current industry practice.

When you take part in professional development activities you earn professional development points.

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13. Professional Development Points

You must engage in professional development activities throughout the life of your Right Way accreditation to achieve the following points:

Training and assessment professional development

Industry skills professional development

Total points

50 points annually

50 points annually

100 points annually

100 points over the previous two calendar years

100 points over the previous two calendar years

200 points over the previous two calendar years

Trainers and assessors can participate in professional development activities that suit their needs and that are relevant to the industry area they are assessing in. Professional development points are then allocated based on the type of activity they have taken part in and can be claimed for renewal purposes by providing proof of attendance.

SkillsIQ Ltd and Right Way Professional Development Partners operate a number of programs that cover current industry practice and the development of training and assessment skills. Statements of attendance will be issued to all participants and can be used when applying to renew your Right Way accreditation.

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14. How do I provide evidence of professional development activities?

Once you have being accredited as a Right Way trainer and assessor you will be provided with a Right Way Portal login. You will be required to complete the online log book throughout your accreditation and use it to support your renewal application, as proof of participation in professional development activities.

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Your question not answered?

If you would like more information, please contact the Right Way team on 02 8243 1200 or email enquiries@skillsiq.com.au.

SkillsIQ Ltd acknowledges the financial support received by the Commonwealth to operate as a Skills Service Organisation.